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Read PLAY THE PART, Gina Barnett’s new book about how to master body signals

From the moment a professional stands behind a podium or at the head of a conference table, you sense that person’s authority, passion, knowledge, and confidence—or lack thereof. Immediately, you create a narrative, a story. It’s not a story about physical appearance, gender, or the words spoken; it’s about how effectively that person can PLAY THE PART.

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Programs & Services

You can communicate but can you connect?

At Barnett International our goal is to help every professional in any circumstance communicate with excellence. We work with individuals and teams –  first by observing and assessing communication strengths and areas for improvement –  then by custom designing programs to meet the individual’s or organization’s goals. We provide both long term one-on-one consulting and customized small group trainings.

A sample of our trainings:

The Art of Persuasion

A presentation is a conversation, and no two conversations are alike. As a speaker, you need to design your information in a way that’s appropriate for the given audience. This coarse offers methods to structure both detailed and executive summary presentations, tips to build confidence, increase credibility, and deliver like a pro.

Executive Presence

Many think you’re born with it, but it’s a skill. Once the rudiments of presence are incorporated and embodied you’ll craft a style aligned with both your personal values and your organization’s goals.

Body Talk

You mother was right, good posture matters – as well as so many other subtle ways we signal our relaxation, energy, confidence, knowledge and enthusiasm. Understanding the body as an instrument so that it delivers the messages you wish to send, AND correctly interprets the signals rapidly coming at you.

Vocal Signature

The human voice carries emotion, energy, vitality, joy – indeed the life force. Tone, pace, vocabulary, pitch…the list of how your unique vocal signature manifests your confidence, warmth, humor and intent is formidable. Best to have mastery over something so vitally important.

Team Play Team Work

For a team to be successful its members must be willing to take risks, make mistakes, resolve conflicts, listen well, make compromises, as well as have fun, be creative, and play. Sound like an impossible dream? Team Play makes Team Work happen.

About Barnett International

Executive Communication Consultant Gina Barnett

gina barnett
After decades in the professional theater, Barnett decided to bring her knowledge of embodied presence, audience connection, values-driven leadership and communication excellence to professionals around the globe. Her understanding of the interplay between emotional intelligence, culture, and the body (voice, breath, unconscious habits that impede connection) has helped c-suite leaders in multiple industries from over thirty countries at such organizations as the ACLU, The Obama Foundation, Novartis, Disney, Google, BCG, The Guggenheim Foundation, IBM, JP Morgan Chase,Tiger Woods Foundation, Associated Press, Vox Media, the Biden Administration. As main stage speaker coach for the TED Conference from 2011 to 2019, as well as for BET’s “The Round,” Singularity University, BCG Consilium, and the Platform Conference she’s coached hundreds of speakers to both craft and deliver impactful talks. Her book “Play The Part: Master Body Signals to Connect and Communicate for Business Success,” was published by McGraw Hill 2015.


See Gina in Action Helping Others

Corporate coach Gina Barnett shares some helpful speaking tips:


Corporations Gina has worked with

Barnett International Consulting serves a range of leading domestic and multinational corporations seeking to improve the communication skills of their top-tier executives. This has occasioned programs with participation of attendees from diverse countries, in locations such as Asia, Europe, and the United States. Below is a small sample of some of the clients Barnett International has served.

  • The Obama Foundation
  • Vox Media
  • TED
  • The Guggenheim
  • Eileen Fisher LifeWork
  • Singularity University
  • Novartis Pharmaceuticals
  • SpotCo Advertising
  • Creative Capital
  • Nestle
  • GLG
  • HSBC
  • The Round BET/Centric
  • TIAA


“Gina Barnett has been a huge secret weapon to our business. She is strong, funny, smart, insightful, a great leader, and someone who inspired immediate trust throughout my staff. The next time you have no idea how to handle a problem, I bet Gina Barnett has an idea you did not think of.”

– Drew Hodges, Founder and President of Spotco Advertising NYC

“…thinking that I would not need a speaking coach but reluctantly meeting with Gina Barnett and getting 100% more confident because of her. She is amazing.”

– Chip Kidd, Speaker at TED, on his biggest surprise

“Gina is an exceptional communications coach who brings much depth and expertise into her coaching practice. She is highly personable, humorous, fun to work with and possesses high level of personal integrity. She is an expert at understanding the impact of communication on ones career, relationships and on influencing outcomes. Gina is very results oriented and gives you a very good value for your investment. She is definitely a pro and expert executive communications coach and mentor.”

– Rowena T., Financial Industry

“Gina Barnett has been working with our company since 2006 as a communication coach. She has provided a variety of programs for us including one-on-one coaching for high potentials, presentation skills training for our management development program and launching our women in leadership series. Gina’s programs get results. The sessions are engaging and provide participants with tools they can put to immediate use. She has consistently received high ratings from participants. I highly recommend Gina’s programs and coaching services to others.“

– Regina D., Pharmaceuticals Industry

“Our bank interviewed a number of high quality coaches to work with senior Investment Banking professionals on increasing effectiveness for client presentations. We selected Barnett International for two reasons: the program structure, and the extremely perceptive abilities of Gina Barnett. Each banker who participated in the group and one-on-one sessions felt expertly coached and learned skills that helped them reach a higher level of performance. Gina is smart and straight forward in her assessment and feedback, and she takes a personal interest in the on-going success of her clients. From my own sessions, I left with a great deal more confidence and with practical tools for career advancement.”

– Cathy C., SVP Banking Industry

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